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Self-development. How can self-development

Human beings throughout their lives strive to develop themselves and change them for the better so as to feel comfortable,

 quiet and achieve their goals. This is what is called personal development. It is a practical expression that continues with human life.

 They want to understand and develop their skills and look at the goals of their life.

Throughout their l develop themselves and change them for the better so that they feel comfortable, calm and achieve their goals. This is called personal development. It's a practical expression that goes on with human life. They want to understand and develop their skills and look at their life goals.


Here we ask why personal development is important? If human beings achieve something within them,

 they want to grow more and do more. This depends on meeting and developing people's own needs.

Maslow identified the evolution of human needs through hierarchy. He said that at the bottom of this pyramid there are

physiological needs such as food and drink. These are the basics of life. In second place, the needs of peace and security.

 After that, love and belonging to the homeland or person, then self-esteem and appreciation.

Steps to Develop Personal Development
There are many steps to take for personal self-development

How can self-development

First, to develop a personal vision, human beings must have a clear goal that puts them in front of them so that they can achieve it like a place they want to go after several months or years,

 develop themselves in a particular language, or get a certain training.
Second. Planning after I set the goals and things I want to do,

 ask myself what can be done to reach my goals? The question is important because it makes you take a step,

 for example if you want to go somewhere after several months you have to save in the money to let you go there

Increased self-confidence

Third. The burden of improvement. This starts when those around you encourage you for the better and also this step starts with learning.

 You have to read books about your own development or hear encouraging videos.

Fourth. Blogging. Writing down what you want to do and aiming for a blogger in front of your eyes.

 This encourages you very much to do it and do some tasks with it gives you optimism to complete the rest of the tasks.

And in the end, your self-development starts with you and what you want to be so that you become a better person, do what you can to be the best in everything.

Mostafa Abd allah